Prediksi Getafe vs Real Betis 10 Januari 2016

dalam kompetisi Spanish La Liga akan digelar pada hari Minggu (10/01/16). Laga ini nantinya berlangsung di Coliseum Alfonso Perez dan akan kick-off pada Pukul 00.15 WIB.

Prediksi Getafe vs Real Betis – Prediksi kali ini akan memberikan informasi tentang kedua kesebelasan yaitu Getafe vs Real Betis. Pertandingan musim kali ini akan menjadi sangat seru karena kedua team sebelumnya telah di pertemukan di laga sebelumnya. Dan akhir laga lalu antara Getafe vs Real Betis mencapai score akhir 2 – 0 yang di menangkan oleh kesebelasan dari Real Betis.

Getafe – Kesebelasan dari Getafe yang dalam laga terakhirnya mendapatkan kekalahan dari Real Madrid dengan score 4 – 1, tentunya akan menampilkan yang terbaik lagi dalam laga kali ini. Getafe dalam 5 laga terakhirnya mendapatkan 1 kali kemenangan, 1 kali kalah dan 3 kali menahan imbang. Dan kali ini Getafe berada di posisi ke 14 dlaam klasemen sementaranya.

Real Betis – Begitu pula dengan kesebelasan dari Real Betis yang dalam laga terakhirnya mendapatkan hasil imbang saat di adu dengan Celta de Vigo dengan score 1 – 1. Dalam 5 laga terakhirnya, Real Betis mendapat 2 kali kekalahan dan 3 kali imbang. Dan klai ini Real Betis juga akan menyiapkan strategi penyerangan terbaiknya juga dalam laga kali ini.

Head to Head Getafe vs Real Betis :
09/03/14 – Real Betis 2 – 0 Getafe
07/10/13 – Getafe 3 – 1 Real Betis
02/04/13 – Real Betis 0 – 0 Getafe
06/11/12 – Getafe 2 – 4 Real Betis
26/02/12 – Real Betis 1 – 1 Getafe

Lima Laga Terakhir Getafe :
05/12/15 – Real Madrid 4 – 1 Getafe
12/12/15 – Getafe 1 – 1 Real Sociedad
17/12/15 – Getafe 3 – 1 Rayo Vallecano
19/12/15 – Valencia 2 – 2 Getafe
31/12/15 – Getafe 0 – 0 D.La Coruna

Lima Laga Terakhir Real Betis :
06/12/15 – Real Betis 1 – 1 Celta de Vigo
13/12/15 – Las Palmas 1 – 0 Real Betis
16/12/15 – Sporting Gijón 3 – 3 Real Betis
20/12/15 – Real Betis 0 – 0 Sevilla
31/12/15 – Barcelona 4 – 0 Real Betis

Daftar Pemain:
Susunan Pemain Getafe : Guaita, Alexis, Roberto Lago, D. Suárez, Lafita, Pablo Sarabia, Juan Rodríguez, Álvaro Medrán, Álvaro Vázquez, Víctor Rodríguez, S. Šćepović

Pelatih : Fran Escribá

Susunan Pemain Real Betis : Adán, Molinero, Bruno González, C. Piccini, J. Vargas, A. N’Diaye, R. van der Vaart, V. Rennella, Rubén Castro, Dani Ceballos

Pelatih : Pepe Mel

Bursa Taruhan:
[ 0: 1/2 ]

Over/Under: 2 ¼

Prediksi by Getafe vs Real Betis : 2 – 1

Alternative Ways to Play Sbobet in Hp Android

Alternative Ways to Play Sbobet in Hp Android

Sbobet Casino
Android smartphon technological sophistication today, a positive impact on online gambling. Players can use a smartphone to gamble online. Many ways to play sbobet on android phone that you can follow. The ease and sophistication of the technology to collaborate in providing easy access for players who want to gamble online. Here are some easy access sbobet can be done through phone android:
• Alternative Link
The root web technology used to fool the internet portals that block access sbobet city. The way it is the most suitable carried out by the gambler in Indonesia. Using the link, players do not need hassles in accessing online gambling sites to play online gambling.

• Installed Applications
Some time ago appeared a new breakthrough for gambling sbobet online. With the emergence of applications that can be embedded in the android phone. You can use these applications to play online gambling. This is a way to play sbobet in the most simple android phone. You no longer need to search for and write bookies link each wants to gamble online. Enough with one touch on the app is installed, players will automatically be transferred into the main page sbobet.

• Web Browser Application
This method is a way of playing sbobet on android phone with standard difficulty level. Where access to the city’s website sbobet, players simply use a web browser application that is embedded in your smartphone. If you know the ins and outs of this game, will certainly be easier to modify sbobet live casino how to play this. For example, by utilizing the bookmarks feature when using the web browser for online gambling.

With online football gambling apps google play players will gamble ball more easy than using a web browser application. Only one touch on the app players will be diverted within the site bookies ball. In such applications, the player will not only meet online football gambling game. Many gambling games that will be offered online bookies through the application. If you are curious, you can download the application directly into your android smartphone.

To get quickly both account and depositing money

To get quickly both account and depositing money


The way the list is very easy, you just fill out the registration form by mentioning alamae email, number and account name, user and password and fill in the capcha (a kind of anti-spam) into a website form and submit. That alone while waiting for a reply from your email please communicate with customer service on duty that night. After getting segela recharge your account of money bet by adding deposit money into your account.

To be able to instill a deposit, you must deposit a sum of money deposit into rekenign bookie or casino online through an agent sicbo online gambling on the internet. Try searching on the web page are there to obtain the account number and the name of an online casino that will be transferred. Before the transfer process either through SMS banking, mobile banking, e-banking or transfer via atm, make sure the account number and the name of the first in the customer service on duty at the time. Each gambler eligible for determining the value of a deposit which will be delivered in accordance with their respective capabilities.

To place a deposit to be aware of the minimum and maximum deposit is set for each game. As register sbobet sicbo gambling games usually there are only a few tens of thousands of rupiah to deposit up to a maximum of millions of rupiah each bettor account. Why is restricted due to maintain the confidence of the bettor who have entrusted money to the casino deposit online through an agent sicbo betting online gambling on the internet.

Similarly, how to list and deposits sicbo gambling dice that can be delivered. To get quickly both account and depositing money deposit please contact customer service are more intent to be easy to play online gambling and soon won their online gambling games. Sicbo dice online gambling is so popular because of the ease of play.

Reliable Online Gambling Agent

First sbobet offers soccer betting event which can only be accessed via computer. It is quite difficult for those who do not have a computer to do online betting. Are you a football fan? Liking soccer betting? Does not have a friend to be invited to football betting. No confusion again, currently has a presence online soccer betting, where you will see the millions of people who want to bet on their favorite team. Soccer betting is commonly called sbobet. Sbobet a football betting service providers that can be accessed only using the Internet. Want to know how to play sbobet mobile Android? Read this article either.

Seeing this condition finally make sbobet the mobile version of a website can be opened via a web browser that became one of the features of the mobile phone. Especially when it has advanced technology, all mobile phones are given a web browser features so that users can access the internet through your hand.

Actually many ways to play on android sbobet online you can use from several existing ways you may be able to use the method below. Or maybe you already have a different way to access your sbobet account. But if you still do not have a way to play sbobet mobile android, now is the perfect time to read this article. Prepare snacks and warm drinks to increase your concentration in reading.

The sophistication of Android phone is not in doubt. Almost all the things that must be accessed using a computer, is now accessible via Android phone. Armed with that background, now you can access your sbobet account only through the palm of the hand. Here’s one way that you can use to access your account via mobile phone sbobet you have. So that you no longer need to bother looking for Internet cafes to access your account. Okay, let’s discuss how to play sbobet mobile Android.

First prepare your android phone, internet access on your phone to be connected. Open a web browser on your phone. Enter the url of the search engines that you normally use. Use the search engine with keywords sbobet mobile version. A few moments later will appear a lot of sites that can be accessed via the sbobet android phone.

Once you find the site sbobet you normally use, go to these sites to open your account.

If the site ditujuk does not respond, try to look at your android browser settings. Usually in facilities android in a web browser that can access the car version and the desktop version. Make sure your web browser settings already in the mobile version. If not try to change the settings so that arrangements be mobile version.

If the site still can not open, restore the original settings of your web browser. Then try to access the site sbobet with the desktop version. Once able to access your account via the desktop version of the site means setting your web browser to access the site have been prepared with the desktop version.

But if you still can not access your account, may be due to sbobet server is undergoing further development. If this happens, then you have to be patient to wait until the repair or complete site development.

Hopefully some ways playing sbobet the Android mobile can help you access your account sbobet without laboriously searching the cafe. Making it easier for you to do online football betting. For those who still access the account through a computer, try a new way so that you easier to bet the ball through new sbobet sites like Potato777.

High Bonus Deposit Gambling Agent

Agent online football gambling that over time growing more and more, make a lot of players gambling balls, confused to choose the agency where he should join. Confusion was the player gambling, plus the bonuses given by online agent, to attract the attention of prospective player online football gambling just like sbobet player who invest a lot for extra bonus deposit. Especially with the bonuses given by online gambling agents while giving each deposit bonus bet football gambling. The bonus will be awarded to each player who make a deposit into their account online to gamble ball.

Each player football gambling, will certainly seek profits in gambling. This will cause a, player makes profit is on offer online gambling agency for consideration to join the football gambling agency. Indeed the current football gambling agent provides many advantages, such as:

Deposit bonus
Deposit bonus every football gambling bet, the bonus is beneficial to increase the capital player to play football gambling online. The bonus will be awarded to the player with pertihungan multiplying the number of times the player deposit bonus given by the percentage of the agent tangkasnet score88 online football gambling. Suppose you deposited Rp. 1,000,000 and a bonus given by 5 percent, then your deposit amount increased to Rp. 1,050,000. Pretty much not an addition of the agent online football gambling, the more the amount of the deposit is done, the more the bonus will be awarded by the city.

Withdraw Bonus
This bonus will players get when going to dilute the victory of playing football gambling. Where football gambling agency, will provide additional funding predefined number when you withdraw or liquefaction victory. Suppose you get a win Rp. 5,000,000 football gambling agent will add the amount of your winnings as determined, for example policies online football gambling agencies provide 2 percent, the total disbursement of the victory of the player is Rp. 5.05 million. This bonus is different with every deposit bonus bet football gambling.

Bonus Index
In football gambling agents, agents set the index number for each victory and defeat. When players get a win, bet on the win will be multiplied by the index specified. But when he lost, then the player must pay the big bet multiplied by the defeat of a specified index. Suppose you bet handicap for a team, then in the pertndingan the team win. Port index specified as 1.25%, if you bet on the team Rp. 100,000, you get a win at Rp 112. 500.

Many agenda
This is an advantage given to an agent online football gambling online football gambling players to let pay more attention about online gambling like ibcbet – maxbet online and it is intended to allow gambling football fans interested in joining the online agent. Due to the agenda of this makes the game a lot of free players and relieved when will bet for a team in a match. But for some players feel more confused to choose which ones to wager match for him.

Some of the advantages that can be met if you want to deposit money to play football gambling online. Ease betting football gambling is the main attraction for the players football gambling. Only by using the smartphone you already betting football gambling wherever and whenever. Eliminating the need for the players looking for a friend to be invited to bet on a football match. Moreover, the current online gambling agencies provide each deposit bonus bet football gambling.

Basic Tips In Playing Online Poker

Tips In Playing Poker

How do you learn poker the easiest way possible? Basically, you need cards for playing the game and a deck. You also need some opponents so you need to invite some friends to join the game. You should at least have three opponents and of course, you need some money for betting. You will deal the cards facing down. The dealer puts five cards on the center table then you get a total of seven cards. Your cards will be dealt clockwise around the table.

Understanding The Gameplay

The player on the left of the player will begin the game. After that, there will be rounds of betting and every now and then someone will make a forced bet. New cards will be added to the players through the available cards or those which have been replaced throughout the game. The bets are then gathered to the center after each round. Suppose one player remains on the game then everyone else must reveal their cards. This part is called the showdown. The player which has the best set of cards in hand wins the pot money. Poker works with approximately five cards and the player with the best five cards automatically wins.

Playing Online Poker

The mechanics for playing online poker Indonesia is daftar judi online similar to regular poker which is played at regular poker tables in the casino. There are two ways to play poker online: offline and online. When you choose to play online poker you get to play with other players who are online. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection to avoid hassles when playing the game. If you don’t want to play online you can play offline and beat the robots on the game. However, you need chips to start playing and you either get them for free or through buying from the site.

Why You Should Play Indonesia’s Poker Online

Play Indonesia’s Poker

Have you ever experienced really wanting to play a good game of poker due to the stressful day or week you’ve been having? Only to realize you do have the time at all to travel to the casino establishment? Now, this can be a frustrating moment, especially, since you feel the need to release all the bad aura you’ve been plagued with. This is the perfect time to consider trying out the poker online Indonesia, at the comforts of your own home. Imagine this, after a gruesome day at the office, the moment you come home, you leave all the work worries away, strip down to your most comfortable clothes and sit in front of your laptop or lounge with your smartphone and play poker like a king.

Accessibility at its Best

That’s one of the biggest plus points when you are playing at an online casino website, you can log anytime you wish. There are no time limits or closing time at all, it is going to be a “play all day”, every day, of every month, of every year. And if you cannot sleep because your mind is extremely pre-occupied with all your other responsibilities, could be from your personal or professional life, easing your mind with an exciting poker game at poker online Indonesia can be of great assistance. What’s more, you are provided with a numerous variations of gambling games, so if you feel like you are not into poker, there are slot machines, Russian roulette and even bingo games to keep your adrenaline flowing and tactical strategies sharp.

Learning is a Lot Easier

Not all gamblers are ace players on other casino games, and the truth of the matter is, if you want to practice your other skills with gambling games, online casinos are offering free games. There’s no need for your to shelf-out any amount for bets, you just have to click the game you chose and you’re good to go.

Explaining the Cards in the Poker Game

Cards in the Poker Game

The game of poker is one of the most phenomenal games in the history of the casino and of the entire planet. Even more so right now that we have online casino games and poker is, of course, one of the old time favorites. You can play more of that on poker online Indonesia.
The game of poker is a game of cards. That is why you know how to handle cards and understand the cards.

How To Rank The Cards

In ranking the poker hand, you need to understand the lowest rank and highest rank. The lowest rank is the high cards, which means the card has the highest ranking card such as the king or queen is involved. The second rank is one pair, followed by two pairs and three of a kind. Note that pairs and three of a kind cards have 2, 4 or three similar cards like 3 aces, 2 kings and 2 jacks, or 2 queens.

Five Cards On The Rank

The five card rankings are higher than pairs and high cards. These are the straight, which means it has cards numbering in proper order like 9, 10, jack, queen, and king. The next is the flush which has the same kind of cards. For example spades, diamond, and hearts. Another one is the full house which contains one three of a kind and one pair. The four of a kind is next in rank and it has 4 the same cards and one card.
The two highest ranking cards are the straight flush and the royal flush. You will surely win the pot on poker online Indonesia if you have one of these at the highest ranking level. For example, a straight flush has 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 cards that are of diamond, hearts or clubs. But the royal flush has 10, jack, queen, king and ace at the same kind or card.

Earn Money Rupiah Millions of Judi Online Gambling

Earn Money Rupiah Millions of Judi Online Gambling – Game sbobetonline is fielding a ball game with the most sophisticated ivonavi without the need to download to play. The game is also favored by the enthusiast of gambling in the country of Indonesia. Since gambling games fielding balls mushroomed on the internet, the bettors are able to play online without having to visit the city or house high-risk bets. Agent agile ball best bet is usually only require inexpensive money deposits ranging from 50,000 rupiah. Minimum bet money of course also just started to thousands or tens of thousands dependent on each – each city.

Gambling games fielding balls are very popular in Indonesia. Created since the 1980s, the game is able to suck up the attention of the gamblers at the time. According to history since the gambling game is able to shift the ball deftly poker gambling is already global. Fielding play football gambling as well as poker but using a kind of slot machine gambling machines. The number of cards distributed to each – each player there are 7 cards. This game has the same method with poker gambling. You can ask directly how to play through customer service.

Register yourself only in a trusted online gambling agent garuda303 free registration for a minimum deposit 50rb

Mainkan Sbobet Mobile via Android

Since the millennium or the 2000’s, Tangkas338 starting to get into the online casino gambling, which means permiainan fielding balls that can be played online on the internet. Without having visited homes – homes offline betting, bettors can gamble only from inside his home alone. Internet access was already starting to get into the house – the house to make things easier. Moreover, the banks – banks already use the mobile facility. Therefore, the gambler increasingly easy to perform his passion.

And now there are android where gambling games fielding balls can be played only by phone. Rapid technological progress makes the gamblers increasingly facilitated with the facilities – facilities provided by banar bets. Only with a capital of smartphones and Internet package hp gambling space becomes limited. You can play at home, in the park, at the mall and elsewhere – other open places. It makes you are no longer confined to the environment.

Professional gambler usually feel at home – a long time in her room just for the online casino mengunjungin beliefs. This makes online gambling players become squirt or less socially. With mobile gambling fielding balls now can while hanging out in a café or footcourt mall while washing the eye, they can laugh and be merry while continuing to work. With so physically and mental pleasure will be easy to obtain. Hearts happy, money was also obtained.

How to Play Judi Bola Online via Android

To be able to play gambling games via android fielding ball as usual you must have an existing account at the online casino. The account can be obtained by contacting an intermediary fielding balls that agent fielding the ball. After getting an account, you can directly deposit money deposit the minimum amount required by the agent fielding football gambling. Once you are nominal account that you have deposited. Please relaxed a bit and began to play permainanya.

In the online casino that provides gambling games via mobile fielding balls, each bettors still required to comply with the rules in general. As a rule of at least withdraw, minimal deposit, must not cheat, should not use the machine or boot as if caught your account will be deleted, and may you forever will not be able to join because of your personal data has been recorded in the agent Tangkas338 where you register for the first time ,